VILLA MAXWELL - Cote d'Azur, France

VILLA MAXWELL - Cote d'Azur, France

A luxury residential house with a unique panoramic view towards the sea. The architectural project is in a contemporary style, with a strong emotional charge.

The silhouette of the house resembles a plunging wave, just about to break. The organic flowing lines give an impression of peace and harmony. The spacious terraces and balconies located on each of the three living levels are the main focus in the design of Villa Maxwell. They are like large open living rooms, where guests can spend much of their time, observing the amazing landscape. An external spiral staircase connects the three levels of the house providing functionality and easy access to all attractive areas.




Луксозна къща-резиденция - ВИЛА МАКСУЕЛ. Гледка към морето, просторни тераси, басейн, пет спални. Уникален архитектурен образ. Модерен дизайн, съвременна визия.


The house has five luxurious bedrooms - each one with an impressive designer bathroom, different thematic style, color and decor. One of the bedrooms is located on the third level, under a glass dome, with the area of a small apartment, with a view of 360 degrees. And if all that is not enough - a glance upwards reveals the beauty of the starry night sky. Special low-emission glass (K-glass) and automatic shutters regulate the access of sunlight to the required level of comfort.


The pool is a key element of the design of VILLA MAXWELL. It is placed on the outside and on the inside at the same time, blurring the boundary between exterior and interior. This is not only gives a provocative appearance to the house, but also provides a modern functionality. You always have the convenient option to throw yourself into the pool straight from the armchair. A simple idea and a unique luxury.


The pool is designed with an impressive glass board that turns the water into a transparent cubic shape refracting light, creating the effect of a huge aquarium or a 3D screen for underwater observation. A round Jacuzzi-gazebo with water jet system is an attractive alternative for morning coffee or a refreshing afternoon cocktail.


The energy efficiency of the house remains hidden to the general observer. In fact - it doesn't need a conventional air-conditional system to maintain a constant comfortable temperature. The pool does all the job. The water from the pool is circulating through tubing embedded in the floor and the walls. Thus the interior space is air-conditioned without additional energy consumption. The same process keeps the water in the pool warm in the cool evenings.


The exquisite design of VILLA MAXWELL is a result of modern aesthetics, and "out of the box" thinking. Inspired by the beauty of the landscape, this is a project that catches the eye and feeds the imagination.



© 2014 С. Стефанов, архитектор

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