Interior design

Our emotional and psychological state is often very much affected by a variety of colors and shapes that we see around us. The way we feel is closely connected to the surrounding environment. If everything that we perceive is in harmony, we will inevitably be happier and more complete.

In modern lifestyle we spend a great deal of time indoors. That's why, in many cases, the interior is more influential to us than the exterior...

Everyone has their own idea and definition of 'comfort'. Some people are traditionalists, others prefer to experiment. Some are conservative, others are looking for the original and provocative. Our task is to discover and express your individuality and create a unique, memorable and inspiring vision combined with perfect functionality.

    Our efforts and imagination are focused in different areas:

  - Interior designs for homes, hotels, stores, front offices, restaurants and more.

  - Furniture Design

  - Boutique furniture

  - Complete solutions - corporate interior design firms and chains