Design & engineering

Design is a universal tool for communication. Color, shape and functionality are elements of a language that are easily understood by everyone, anywhere.

For us - a successful design is a combination of visual and practical characteristics. The good designer must be an analyst, experimenter, engineer, painter and psychologist. He (or she) must be open-minded, observant, precise and patient. We believe that the development of a certain product is a creative process - building a bridge between beauty and rationality, attractiveness and comfort, aesthetics and effectiveness. Having a brilliant idea is not enough to create a perfect product. It is the deep understanding, professional intuition and the ability to look through the eyes of the users that can turn this idea into a remarkable practical realization.

We are proud to offer cutting-edge industrial and product design as well as re-design of existing products. The complexity of our projects varies - from small accessories, pieces of furniture and electronic devices - to concept cars and alternative vehicles.

Since 2011 we have designed and produced a small series of exclusive furniture under the brand of CREATON.

Inspired by new technologies, and committed to a forward-thinking approach, we strive to be a benchmark of contemporary art and a serious global trend-setter.