THE HELIUM COLLECTION  - comfort and style

THE HELIUM COLLECTION - comfort and style

CREATON has released The Helium collection - a new design-line for ergonomic armchairs.  

With their unique appearance,  fluid shape and high-quality materials - these pieces of furniture are capable not only of changing your interior but also your mood!




HELIUM ergonomic armchair - Tuxedo, by CREATON



HELIUM ergonomic armchair - Ultra red, by CREATON




HELIUM ergonomic armchair - Capuccino, by CREATON



Choice of materials and innovative manufacturing technology allows armchairs to take the shape of your body and redistribute  your weight evenly on a large surface. This brings you maximum comfort and a sense of weightlessness.  

Helium Armchairs are also highly adaptive to different body types and sitting positions. In addition to the classical armchair appearance they can easily be transformed into a chaise longue – just sit back or lounge and they will respond immediately. 




 Helium Armchairs are great assets for your living room, office and even for outdoor use! They are ultra-light, multifunctional, easy to move and compact to transport.  








•  Outstanding design - contemporary concept, fluid shape, quality materials.

•  Handcrafted.

•  Combines well with different interior styles.

•  Choice of luxurious fabrics and eco leather. Multiple colors.

•  Double stitched.

•  Option "Logo and branding"



•  Innovative manufacturing technology.

•  First of its kind ergonomic armchair without any hard frame elements.

•  Retains shape due to integrated stabilizers.

•  EASY LEANBACK SYSTEM - transforms HELIUM ARMCHAIR into a chaise longue using only natural body movement.  Intuitive ,smart and simple.



•  Overall shape based on human anatomy characteristics.

•  Unique, 7-chamber inner construction designed to redistribute body weight in a natural way.

•  Polystyrene pearls inner filling  with dynamically changing density .

•  Self-adjustable waist support - adapts to different sitting/lounging styles.

•  Side supports for additional comfort.

•  Backrest shaped to stimulate blood circulation in the spinal area.

•  Ergonomic headrest.



•  Ultra light - weighs only  5kg. Handle for easy portability.

•  Compact to transport. Fits in a mid-size car.

•  Suitable for daily use - watching TV, internet, gaming, relaxation, sleeping.

•  Easy to wipe clean.



•  Suitable for homes, villas, hotels, cafes, public spaces, offices, commercial buildings.

•  Suitable for outdoor use - on a terrace, in the garden, at the beach.

•  Suitable for pregnant women and breastfeeding.

•  Suitable for children - no sharp edges or hard elements.

•  Reduced size version available - for children up to 10 years.
















Available in different sizes, numerous colors and upholstery types which allows you to find the best choice for your interior.












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