The building is situated on a sloped terrain at the base of one of Plovdiv's hills. It has a panoramic view over the city, towards Maritza River and Stara Planina Mountain.  It is designed to be a  modern, multifunctional and maximum-comfort residential house, accommodating one or two families.






The outer shell of the building is made of hi-tech self-cleaning metal coating resistant to mechanical impact and climatic changes, a guarantee for a long-term durability. Under its metal "skin" there is a spacious and welcoming interior with high ceilings and large windows. 





Numerous innovations are integrated within the building:


- Ventilated facade coating system with effective, 7cm thick insulation combined with centralized air-conditioning and low-emission windows provide excellent energy efficiency.


- The building is equipped with a central vacuum cleaning system. Instead of using traditional vacuum cleaners there is a network of pipes with outlets in each room. The motor and fan are fixed in a remote position. Dust is being collected in a special container in the basement.

This results in cleaner rooms with cleaner air, lacking the microscopic particles of dust that are particularly harmful.


- Self-leveling epoxy floor coverings are used all over the building. They are long-lasting, durable, anti-bacterial, with excellent heat and sound insulation qualities, non-slippery and easy to clean.  Due to  these parameters such coverings are widely used in pharmaceutical and food industries, hospitals and others, where the sterile environment is a priority.


- Clear floor height is extended to 3.00m (compared to 2.60m in standard construction)

Rooms are light and spacious – a natural way to provide coziness and soul comfort.


- The distinctive,  hi-tech silhouette of the building is not simply an exterior concept. Its appearance is meant to merge the interior spaces with the panoramic view in such a way that owners of the house feel also owners of the scenery. This brings not only inspiration but freedom and self-esteem.  

Take-off from the top level is guaranteed for everyone. Up there, a bedroom "International Space Station" style and a  "Planetarium" bathroom are facing the stars.





© 2007 S. Stefanov

Architectural planning

Residential house
Detailed design
total area:
487.50 sq. m