HIGH SCHOOL - architectural concept

HIGH SCHOOL - architectural concept

The appearance of the building is inspired by the natural beauty of flowers.  Not only shape, but the structure of various plants has been the object of preliminary research which lead to a certain choice of construction methods and even defined the functional organization inside the building. The combination of organic bio-design and high-tech performance symbolizes the correlation between man and nature.





With its total area of 24 000 sq. m - this seems to be more than just another ordinary high school. Lots of experimental and social activities, huge recreation zones and sport facilities integrated in the building give more space to the students - not only for their feet but for their minds!  





The main functions are organized in five sectors, situated  radially around a CENTRAL CORE. This central core contains the administration, an exhibition hall, restaurant, cafe, multi-functional hall for concerts and celebrations, cinema, shops, etc., as well as a number of public services.





Each sector has its own, unique interior design in accordance with the activities it is housing.





ARTS SECTOR is specialized in music, performing arts, visual arts and foreign cultures.

MATHEMATICAL AND NATURAL SCIENCES SECTOR includes  mathematical cabinets, laboratories for preparatory classes in chemistry, biology, physics and geology, a pair of lecture halls, etc.

HUMANITARIAN AND SOCIAL SCIENCES SECTOR is the largest  in area and the most complicated in function. Classrooms, language  laboratories, lecture halls and study rooms are arranged within large inner spaces.





SPORTS SECTOR - lots of facilities inside and outside the building.

INFORMATION SECTOR - libraries, multimedia recording studios, internet rooms etc.  






© 2001 S. Stefanov

Architectural planning

Public building
Conceptual design
total area:
24 000 sq. m