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Build your castle-house!

Have you ever dreamt of living in a house completely protected both from unauthorized access and natural disasters? A home that can withstand any weather conditions! A place to feel safe and comfortable! CREATON has built virtual concepts, arranged in several layers of protection. Combine these concepts according to your actual needs and preferences.

Although we call it a “castle-house”, its shape and appearance is going to be a reflection of your vision and personal style! From conservative to pop-art. From modest to spectacular.

The most distinctive feature of the “castle-house” is that it is based on the idea of being completely autonomous. It uses efficient mechanisms to maintain full functionality when no centralized communications, electricity, water or food supply is available - by utilizing local renewable energy sources, water capture and filtration, energy storage, waste recycling systems, etc. And these are not only ecological solutions – being autonomous brings you more chances of survival if the situation gets really complicated.


1. Unauthorized access shield. Includes: passive protection – sophisticated monitoring and alarm systems; active protection – security systems, locking systems, access barriers, etc.


2. Protection from negative or potentially dangerous  influences - geomagnetic field, energy vortexes, emissions from mobile communication network  and other wireless devices. (baby rooms, child rooms, bedrooms.


3. Protection from natural disasters and cataclysmic events. Earthquakes, fire, floods, landslides, storms, hail-storms, snow storms, avalanches, ice rain, extreme wind, extreme temperatures, volcanic ash, solar eruptions (magnetic storms), pollution, pandemic outbreaks, radiation, continuous isolation and other terrifying scenarios.


4. Personal choice protection.

Everyone has certain individual fears which often are inexplicable or irrational. For example – fear of heights, fear of water, fear of virtually everything. Sometimes you may decide to face your fears in order to fight them! But equally, there may be occasions when you do not wish to!

We can complete the concept for the perfectly safe house with this additional feature – adapting the project to your personality.


Afraid of spiders? Don’t worry! You won’t find any in your bedroom!

published: 09.2012