CREATON is an architectural and design studio which offers a wide range of services - architectural projects, interior design, engineering, 3D modeling and visualization, landscape design, furniture design, product design, graphic design and multimedia presentations.


The studio was founded in Plovdiv, Bulgaria in 2009 by Stefan Stefanov, senior architect / designer. It is now working on various projects throughout Bulgaria - (Sofia, Burgas, Sozopol, Sunny Beach, Varna, Balchik, Targovishte, Pleven, Karlovo, Smolyan, Pamporovo, Veliko Tarnovo, Sandanski, Velingrad) as well as for a number of foreign clients. CREATON takes part in international competitions and maintains partnerships with companies in key sectors - construction, real estate and  renewable energy.

The designers, architects and engineering team have over 12 years of professional experience and an impressive professional background.




Architectural projects


CREATON stands for a creative, intelligent and sustainable design. It handles projects that differ in scale and style - family houses, residential, civic, institutional, commercial, government, agricultural and industrial buildings. The design process goes all the way from the conceptual drawings to a fully completed building, and even further. Consultations, professional advice and supervision during the construction process all adds up to a guarantee of successful results.


Detailed documentation in accordance with local laws and requirements is a standard for each architectural project developed by CREATON - surveys,  geological  reports, architectural drawings - conceptual design / detailed design,   construction drawings , electrical installations (EL), water supply and sewerage (WSS ), heating, ventilation and air conditioning (HVAC), energy efficiency, photorealistic architectural visualization, landscaping, fire prevention and protection, tracing plan, calculation of construction value, project documentation for reconstruction, restoration and renovation of buildings.


CREATON develops architectural concepts and projects for many different kinds of buildings, structures and facilities. An individual approach to each task is a key factor to a successful design with a unique "personality".



Residential building types:

City house, family house, residential house, villa, residence , country house, duplex house, townhouse,  mansion, traditional house, contemporary housing, apartment block, guest house, family hotel, prefabricated house, passive house, eco home, mobile home, one-storey, two-storey, multi-storey houses.



Civic / Institutional building types:

Cultural - concert hall, multifunctional hall, cinema, theater, museum, art gallery, monument, memorial.

Educational - school, college, university, library.

Government - embassy, city hall, infrastructure.

Healthcare - clinic, hospital, dental center, rehabilitation center, treatment center.

Sports - gym, fitness center, sports facilities, swimming pool, arena, stadium.

Transportation - garages, indoor and outdoor parking, bus station, train station, metro station, airport.



Commercial building types:

Office buildings - bank, business park, administration.

Retail - shop, shopping mall, trade center, market house, supermarket, hypermarket, gas station, warehouse .

Hospitality and accommodation -  hotel, apart hotel, visitor center, resort development, wellness and spa.

Entertainment  - cafe, bar, pub, restaurant, club, nightclub, casino, amusement park.




Sustainable architecture, green architecture, renewable energy sources, low-energy buildings, energy-efficiency, passive houses, autonomous buildings, eco buildings,

eco-villages / cities, construction methods with local, natural and traditional materials, organic architecture, bio-farms, permaculture design.



Agricultural building types:

Farmhouse, greenhouse, stable, barn.



Industrial building types:

Administration, factory, dairy farm, power station, mill, hangar.



Engineering structure types:

Bridge, tunnel, canal, water treatment plant, tank, silo, laboratory, power plant, overpass,  underpass, fence, ramp, dock, terminal, runway, embankment, protective equipment .




Reconstruction , extension, transformation, restoration, conservation.



Urban planning:

Residential complex planning, master planning, city development, landscaping, public spaces, regional planning, environmental planning, sustainable development.




Aesthetics, functionality and smart design


Everything that surrounds us determines who we are. If we live in a beautiful and harmonic environment - we are happy and fulfilled and vice versa.

CREATON  pays attention to the little things that are often neglected or underestimated. Should an architect care about the design of a liquid soap dispenser? In CREATON architectural studio - the answer is "yes".



Interior design:

Spatial design, color solutions, selection of materials, decoration and accessories. Functional planning. Modern and traditional buildings, thematic design, artistic design, creative design, home decor , lighting, green design, design for animals.

Feng Shui. Interior design of residential and public spaces - houses, luxury homes, apartments, penthouses, studios, restaurants, cafes, bars, pubs, clubs, nightclubs, casinos, hotels, offices, shops, malls, entertainment centers, banks, exhibition pavilions.




Living in harmony with nature is proof of a social maturity and a long term life-investment. CREATON is designing buildings that not only look great but that are friendly to the environment.

Sustainable buildings, low-energy buildings, passive buildings, green buildings, energy-efficiency, autonomous buildings, organic architecture, eco buildings, eco-villages / cities, bio-farms.



Furniture design:

Ergonomics, ergonomic armchairs, ergonomic furniture, modular furniture, modular systems furniture, custom furniture, design lines. Individual projects for living rooms, kitchens, bedrooms, restrooms.



Product design:

Contemporary concepts, product development, modern design, functional design, futuristic solutions, practical solutions, industrial design, sustainable design, eco design, re-design.



Landscape design:

Parks and gardens, plants and trees, decorative plants, pools, ponds and rockeries, water design, aqua parks, children playgrounds, open spaces, botanical gardens, orchards.



Graphic Design:

Logo design, corporate identity, branding, posters, advertising, promotional materials, 3D modeling, presentations, digital art, digital image editing, interactive design, web design.     




Innovative thinking has always been a leading motivation factor for those who dare to think ahead. Innovative ideas, innovative products, models and prototypes, energy efficiency, green solutions .




Art is everywhere. Art is personal. Art inspires.

Interior and exterior design, decoration, exhibitions, art installations, performances, interactive art, pop art.






"We constantly strive to achieve the best possible results, devoting all of our energy and creative passion to your projects. Intelligent and practical solutions are crucial for every single task. Whether we are working on a project for a multi-storey building or designing a postage stamp - our approach would be equally serious.

We are always aiming at that point where rationality meets aesthetics, function follows form and abstract becomes practical."